Get your body pregnancy ready

Mallorca, Spain
Aug 30th - SEPT 2nd, 2019

Marathon training and pregnancy aren’t all that different. Just like the marathon virgins, not knowing what lies ahead can be over whelming, especially when there are vast amounts of ‘to’s and don’ts’ out there. It leaves you wondering what is right for me, my partner and body?

This retreat is designed to strip all that back and take out the complexity during this wonderful natural time. It should be an experience you enjoy rather than stressful that you are ticking every box.

When you leave this retreat, you will be leaving with a clear guide to help you and your partner during this exciting milestone. And also, rested and rejuvenated after a week of healthy eating, pampering treatments, time off and mindful movement.

Escape your routine by simply placing a €190 deposit!

Finca Mallorca

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Spoken Languages: 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇧🇷

Escapada has been an eye-opening and magical experience! Thanks to our wonderful hosts Maeve, Emilia, Miriam and Ingrid, I learnt so many valuable lessons, not only from their healthy and sustainable approach to food and lifestyle (and the absolutely delicious meals they provide!), but also how to connect with my spirituality and nourish myself on a deeper level. All of this set in a breathtakingly beautiful Mallorcan farmhouse with stunning views, sunsets and starry skies - the perfect backdrop for meditation and yoga....

Your Health Retreat package

The Escapada Experience is fully inclusive combining intensive health consultation, prescription of acupuncture, yoga, fitness, diet, nutrition, luxurious massage and relaxation in exclusive locations. 

You will receive a pre retreat questionnaire so your retreat starts before you arrive. You will be supported when you go home with a post retreat health plan.

mindful movement


Daily Sunrise & Evening Meditation

Daily Yoga Sessions 

Individual Teaching Sessions 

Stunning Coastal Walks

Night meditation under the stars

integrative treatments


Extensive Integrative Health Consultation

Chinese Medicine Retreat Plan

Two Acupuncture Treatments 

Luxurious Personalised Massage

One Body & Mind Session according to your needs

nourishing nutrition


Delicious Seasonal Ayurvedic nutrition

Individualised Recommendations

Cooking Demonstrations & Talks 

Natural Therapeutic Drinks

Escapada Kitchen Recipes & Healthy Tips

ultimate me time


Luxurious finca in the countryside 

Exclusive setting & complete seclusion in nature 

Time to unplug, read, sleep & rejuvenate

Onsite team looking after your every need 

Visit nearby villages, beaches and sporting activities 

* Please note that our cuisine is vegetarian and alcohol free, fresh fish may be served.

a typical day

We would love you to join us for this exquisite retreat to nourish your body and soul regardless of age, health or fitness levels.


Mornings  Sunrise Meditation
8am – 9:30am Morning yoga Practice
10am Nourishing Ayurvedic Breakfast
11am - 2pm Relaxation time with 1-2 hrs for consultation & treatments
2pm Light Snack Bar
2:30pm – 4pm Treatments / Food Demonstrations / Relaxation Time / Teat & Juice Bar / Local Excursions
5pm – 6pm Evening Yoga Practice
6:30pm Delicious Ayurvedic Dinner
Evenings  Varying programme from sundown meditation, communal food preparations e.g. ghee, chutneys, brea

Your ROOM options and prices

The price below includes your Health Retreat package

The stunning finca consists of six spacious double rooms, all beautifully furnished and flooded with natural light. All rooms have mosquito nets, natural ventilation and a private terrace or balcony. 

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Superior // Ensuite Bathroom
€1400 per person/sharing

Cosy // Shared Bathroom
€1200 per person/sharing

Suite// Ensuite bathroom  
€1550 per person/sharing

Deluxe // Shared bathroom  
€1300 per person/sharing


Suite with ensuite bathroom

Suite with ensuite bathroom

Deluxe with shared bathroom

Deluxe with shared bathroom

* Please note due to limited spaces, a single occupancy surcharge will apply. Please contact us for further information


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