Corporate Healt Retreats

At Escapada Health we offer your company an individualised system of preventative medicine with natural interventions and solutions.

Our all-encompassing approach covering treatment, diet, exercise and lifestyle management is designed to manage stress long-term, decrease the rate of illness and increase health and job satisfaction through specific lifestyle changes.

Your company will have access to luxurious yet supportive environments around Europe through our specialist off-site Health Retreats and Natural Health Clinics for ongoing support.  

Your Challenges

  • Chronic stress & anxiety

  • Hamster on a wheel syndrome

  • Reduced creativity and productivity

  • Digital overload

  • High sick leave

  • Mental burn-out

Our 4-Pillar Health Solution

Mindful Movement & Meditation. Integrating mindful activities into ones everyday life can be an empowering tool for stress management, stress relief and clarity of mind.

Health-enhancing Nutrition. Explore practical ways to integrate healthy eating habits into busy lifestyles to treat imbalances within body and mind and mange symptoms

Integrative Treatments & Wellness. Acupuncture can regulate the nervous system to reduce stress levels and helps to combat numerous physical as well as mental symptoms naturally. 

Self Care. Spending time away in a relaxing, secluded and luxurious place allows to reset overall health and wellbeing. Our lifestyle advice is all about small changes that over time have the biggest impact.

at home and away

Escapada Corporate Health Retreat

We support you off-site:

  • Individualised health plans

  • Team retreats tailored around your needs

  • Personalised incentives for employees & management

  • Seasonal health boost between quarters

  • Digital detox

  • Off-site work performance

  • Corporate health talks & workshops


We support you on-site:

  • Individualised health plans

  • Regular ongoing treatments for symptom management & expert guidance

  • Health focused empowering space to unwind, relax and renew

  • Natural health talks

  • Health & wellbeing days & workshops

  • Yoga & meditation programmes

Why Choose Escapada for your employees

Transformative Medicine • Extraordinary Experiences

In today’s fast-paced working environment, long hours and heavy workloads are leading to increasing levels of stress and tension in the workplace. We are constantly bombarded with information and the idea of integrated health can easily seem like an unachievable concept.

At Escapada Health, corporate health meets natural medicine - a lifestyle medicine that empowers employees to take control of their own health and wellbeing. We aspire to explore a diverse yet simple and individualised approach to Natural Medicine

Our specialist health retreats and clinics offer the ideal solution to completely detach from the stress and strain of daily routine. Our approach is based on four health pillars with the synergy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. These old natural health sciences remain the most ancient yet living practices. At Escapada, we retain their essence while adapting to modern lifestyles. 

At our retreats and in our clinics, we take an integrative approach with our clients, beginning with an extensive health consultation providing the base of a personalised health plan. We treat and advise to optimise health and wellbeing and reach a state of feeling wholeness, balance and resilience. We support our clients in take-home practices and healthy-living lifestyles to make positive changes that will boost energy-levels, productivity and positivity in the workplace long-term. 

Choose integrative, sustainable and long lasting solutions that will make your employees return to work rejuvenated, focused and empowered to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The ESCAPADA Health Retreat was the best power escape between the quarters - the right mix of new knowledge and skills with complete time off to recharge and refocus, in the most stunning place.
— Daniel - SAP Sales Solution Executive
Escapada Corporate Health Retreat

Overall Benefits for your Company 

  • Get Out of the stress ball. By taking people away from a stressful environment, you can make sure that they decompress. One of the best times to bring on a company retreat is just after the annual busy period.

  • A Time to Reflect. The only way that each and every person is going to get better at what they do is through reflection. Not only is this crucial for self-development it’s essential for the continuing progress of the company.

  • Employees take responsibility. Tune out of busy life and tune into yourself to refocus and reset and explore
    what it needs to feel strong, resilient and healthy.

  • Improved employee relationships, team-work and company moral. Companies with high morale outperform their counterparts. It’s not something you have to do but it’s something you should do.

  • Bring About Hidden Talents. Team retreats allow a group of people to indulge in tasks
    that just don’t happen in the normal office environment.

  • Better focus, less stress, more creativity and thinking abilities. Ongoing support through our centrally
    located clinics to keep up the good work.

  • Decreased rate of illness and sick leaves. Natural solutions to an epidemic of pill for every ill.
    This will not help your employees in the long term and only lead to greater sick leave and longer time off

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