Our Ayurvedic kitchen, colourful, tasty and flavoursome, is one of our greatest assets and the dishes we prepare will surprise and delight your sense of taste every day of your stay. One of the secrets is to always combine the five main tastes in every dish we prepare in order to fully satisfy your senses.  With recipes based on ancient wisdom and experiences, the meals will be mainly made of organic, seasonal food from the region.

Our integrative philosophy means, everything in moderation, as the body loves balance. Let us show you how to turn your every day foods and drinks into powerful medicine- it can be easy!

The food demonstrations and explanations during joint meal preparations, will set a solid basis for your private cooking back home. Learn all about the influences of food and spice combinations on your very personal needs and well being. 

Enjoy our extensive selection of fresh Ayurvedic teas, daily recipe ideas, lassis for improved digestion and flavoured waters throughout the day.


Mindful Fitness 

Integrative treatments