OUR Philosophy

Welcome to the world of Escapada, established through our shared vision & passion for Integrative Health - a lifestyle medicine that can be part of everyday life.

We always knew, one day we would create something special. By establishing an empowering space at our first location in Mallorca, our shared vision came to life. A Health Retreat where Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda combine and the synergy of strategies merge; holistic treatments, nourishing nutrition, mindful movement and ultimate me-time. A combination that makes us feel…simply amazing!

We love what we do... and that we love sharing with you!
— Co-Founders, Emilia Herting & Maeve O`Sullivan

For us Integrative Health is a medical system that encompasses us as a whole individual, merging science and philosophy. This means our health should not be just the absence of disease, but the feeling of wholeness, balance and resilience.

We often struggle with the practical application of a healthy lifestyle in our everyday busy life. Partly, because people are overwhelmed by the information overload, so the idea of health can easily seem like an unachievable concept. Here at Escapada, we aspire to explore a diverse yet simple and individualised approach to natural medicine.

Escape with us to explore and experience natural health & wellbeing!


Experience the effect of balance in your life.