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One week to go, the perfect time to start is now!


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Small changes within your daily routine can bring about great changes in your every day well-being. Ayurveda, the “science of a long life” simplifies how you can maintain a good balance and health in your life. Anything that can help nourish us on a daily basis, can have an immense healing effect.

The digestive fire (Agni) plays a central role in the health teaching of Ayurveda. It says the digestion of food can take up "Small changes within your daily routineto 30 days, which means it is embracing and working the can bring about great changes..."metabolic processes in the body.

Lifetime, Health, Enthusiasm, Involvement, Immunity, Energy, Prana (life force) and much more - these
aspects depend on the Agni (digestive fire). As the Escapada team we would like to give you small adjustment to make leading up to your upcoming retreat. This will help get your body ready to make the most out of the time we have together.

Here are some tips for your daily meals.


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In the morning the digestive fire (Agni) is still weak so breakfast should be light, warm and nourishing. Our recommendation: oats/spelt porridge with warming spices - a pinch of aniseed, cinnamon, cardamon and glove. The perfect drink to activate digestion and your metabolism in the morning is warm water with a few drops of lemon. In case you feel cold, or if your digestive system is weak (bloating, fullness, or nausea) and needs support - add some grated ginger.


The main meal should be eaten around midday when the digestive power is at its greatest. Our recommendation: have an "Agni drink" (see recipe: either sweet or savory) before meals as it will support your digestive
system especially when eating heavier foods. Eat what you like, this meal should make you feel good. Our recommendation: Pasta, rice, quinoa, seasonal vegetables, pulses, fish. For a happy tummy, eat mainly warm, cooked or roasted foods so your precious energy is not being used up by your stomach & spleen doing all the digestive work.


We do not recommend dinner too late or if you need to eat late make sure that’s its easy to digest and also warmed up. Cold salads, raw food or a heavy pasta might be too heavy for some systems and lead to bloating. Instead, have e.g. soups and stews of all types. These are particularly good as they need little digestive work but are nutritious, warming and filling.

During the retreat everything mentioned will be further explored with our expert team. We generally advise our guests to limit their alcohol and meat consumption the week prior our retreat in order to prepare the body in the best possible way to rejuvenate and detox.