Restorative Sleep Retreat

NOV 28TH - dec 1st, 2019
kerry, ireland

A whole weekend dedicated to SLEEP!

Winter is a time for hibernation. At this time of year our bodies need more rest and sleep.

The changing weather conditions affect more than your routine outdoor activities - It actually disrupts some of your body’s natural processes, which is why you may want to assume the fetal position more often than not this time of year.  However, at times the Winter can affect our sleep cycles and make it harder it get a full night sleep

This health retreat, blending the traditions of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, aims to put you in a state of rest and relaxation, quieten the mind and allow your body to fall into natural sleeping patterns.

In keeping with our philosophy, our retreats aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills to further develop better lifestyle choices  when you go back to your daily life.

Escape your routine now by simply placing a €190 deposit to secure your place!

All prices below are inclusive of the Retreat Package.


Instruction Language: ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡§
Spoken Language: 🇩🇪🇬🇧

Your ROOM options & prices

Churchtown House is located in the rolling hills of beautiful Kerry. This stunning and intimate location has a world of comfort, luxury and peace to offer. A truly rejuvenating escape awaits you. This beautiful house has six bedrooms, all with spacious luxury bathrooms. 

*Please note due to limited spaces, a single occupancy surcharge will apply. Prices are inclusive of VAT. For further information, please contact us!

Suite ensuite bathroom   €1500 per person / sharing

Suite ensuite bathroom

€1500 per person / sharing

Superior ensuite bathroom   €1490 per person / sharing

Superior ensuite bathroom

€1490 per person / sharing

Deluxe ensuite bathroom   €1420 per person/sharing

Deluxe ensuite bathroom

€1420 per person/sharing



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