Mindful Fitness & Yoga


Our health programmes are a great way to go on a holiday and really feel a difference. It is designed to recharge your batteries and truly rejuvenate your body and mind to leave you feeling inspired, fit, refreshed and centred. 

We teach a traditional and easy-to-learn system that aims at to achieve a balanced body and mind. Starting and ending each day with a Yoga session will make you develop a strong, healthy body by enhancing flexibility and improving circulation through a series of yoga poses (Asanas).

Deep, conscious breathing (Pranayamas) aims to reduce stress and improve all bodily functions while positive thinking & meditation are the true keys to achieving peace of mind and eliminating negativity in our lives.

Our approach is  to integrate all levels of fitness and yoga, offering group as well as in one-to-one sessions when needed.

The varying fitness options will relax you, make your heart pump, strengthen and improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility, regulate your weight and just make you feel amazing.


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