The Escapada Journey

We invite you on a journey, where all that matters is You!

Relax and rejuvenate your body and awaken your senses with the synergy of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda and learn about these health sciences that remain the most ancient yet living practices - retaining their essence while adapting to modern lifestyle.

Your Escapada Health Retreat programme is fully inclusive combining our four pillars of health. You will receive a pre-retreat health questionnaire to start your retreat before your arrive and an individualised post retreat plan will support you when you go back home.

The Health Retreat Package

Mindful Movement
Nourishing Nutrition
Integrative Treatments
Ultimate Me Time

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A truly life changing experience, a time to reset, learn about how to look after your body and
mind and get ready for the world again

Your Room Options


Exclusive Time Away meets Integrative Medicine